Sometimes “Its All Good ” is not Good

I was talking to one of my students about a situation and he said to me “Don’t worry it’s all good”. Here was the problem – it was not good right then. I know he was trying to not be a problem and he has a heart of gold . In that moment I had to say to him “no this is not good but I can fix it for you and it will be good”

So then I started pondering – when is saying “It’s All Good” not good . Here is what I came up with

1. When “Its all good” stops you fighting for some-one.

In the case of my student, I needed to fight for something for him. It wasn’t anything major but it was significant right there and then. If I had have accepted his “Its all good” I would have been lazy in my care of his life. Leaders – don’t accept the “it’s all good” when you have the power to help some-one. We need to value our people and fight for them.

2. When “It’s all good” negates someone’s stress or challenge.

I have had some people tell me “its all good” at some times of extreme pressure . Really what I wish they would have done is given me a hug, or actually encouraged me or even offered help .” It’s all good” can minimise the very real pressure a person is under or the pain they are in.

The last thing we want to do is make people feel like their pain or stress is not important to us – we are people who mourn with those who mourn. “It’s all good ” glibly spoken can break people’s trust in our leadership.

3. When we use “Its all good” to block out people close to us

People are not stupid, if they care about you they can tell when you are not doing well.  “Its all good” can actually shut people down who want to be there for you. We all need a few people in our world that we don’t say “its all good” to.

Now before you start throwing Romans 8:28 at me, read it again , “And we know in all things God works for the good of those who love him and have been called according to his purposes”.

God will work it out for good. It WILL be “all good”.

However right now it may not be – and to say ” it’s all good” doesn’t acknowledge reality.

Today it may not be all good – and we can acknowledge that – and God will not fall off his throne. We can believe for a better tomorrow in the midst of a tough today.

Can you add to my list of times when “Its all Good” is not good. Lets see how long this list can go.

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes “Its All Good ” is not Good

  1. Judie says:

    Pam I have to say “this is all good.” In fact it is pure gold, I love the honesty and authenticity you have injected into what we use as a mask so we can live up to the expectations of others. Jesus tells us to come to him when we are burdened…I bet He wants to hear what’s up not “it’s all good”. Great blog.

  2. debra muller says:

    So true Pam..its not all good when someone says that. I have said it myself when it wasnt. Getting to the heart of the matter us whats up. People need the love of Jesus more than ever today, someone who will show forth care, concern and speak life and hope to whatever situation may be.I am so grateful to have had you in my life in the early days of C3. You said to me once when I was a busy bee that there will always be something to do. Which has helped my walk with Jesus tremendously..yes..there is always things to do..but whats most important? To spend time with the Lord and seek out His will for my life. Through my times alone with him, today I am involved with helping other addicts through 12 step recovery programs. Sharing the gospel. God is a wonder..His love overtakes me and I am in awe. Thanku Pam, my love and prayers for always. In Christ, Debra Xxoo p.s. let me know when u come to C3, I would love to see you. God’s blessings to you.

  3. Kay weeks says:

    Love this Pam!
    it is refreshing to have the permission to feel it’s not “all good” for right now but knowing the “all good”is coming. #faith

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