Trust is Quiet

Lately I am watching a whole lot of people  go through various types of challenges and changes. At these times, it is those with the quiet trust in God who seem to be navigating these times with more ease.

“Faith is Loud, Trust is Quiet” – I love this thought from Mark Kelsey – and ponder it often and out of it I have some thoughts of my own on trust

So here are a few thoughts from me on trust

Trust kicks in when nothing makes sense.

Trust calms the storm inside our souls.

Trust is the quiet place inside us that says everything will be all right, even if its not all right, it will be all right.

Trust gives us security and then this security feels like a  safe harbour for the people around us.

Trust is the weight in our keel – that keeps us coming back upright, even after we capsize.

Trust knows Jesus is in the boat, maybe asleep, but still in the boat.

Trust knows God is good even when life screams that it he is not.

Trust allows our souls to reach out to God, in the middle of the night, when fear overwhelms.

Trust keeps walking through disappointment and grief.

Faith might breakthrough but trust holds on.

Trust holds onto God no matter what – it says ” Though you slay me I will trust you”.

Trust is two young men facing a firing squad singing Amazing Grace.

Trust is quiet and it is powerful – it will not be moved.


Those of us who lead people must be able to trust God in the good times and in the bad. We have to be able to access our trust in God to strengthen our souls and keep us moving onwards, to keep us building and not tearing down, to keep us running to God and not from him. Trust knows there are unanswered questions but they are not going stop us running the race set before us.

Every day I know I need to trust God more than I do – how about you ?

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16 thoughts on “Trust is Quiet

  1. debra muller says:

    Thanku Pam!!! Yes..”All is Well.” Entering His rest as I trust Him. Faith is loud…lol…trust is quiet..I like that. Yes..though he slay hope and trust is in Him..cause we know what it will produce in us..Him being glorified in us. God bless u beautiful Pam..miss you.

  2. Amy Burkholder says:

    As always, a beautiful word sent at the perfect time. Thank you so much. This has been quite a season for many. What a perfect reminder that trust will carry us through.

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