Say Sorry- it will set you free !


There was a sense , when I began leading things and being involved in ministry that people in leadership were supposed to get it right all the time, have all the answers and have it all together. Thank goodness those days are over and authenticity and transparency are much more valued now. Honestly that was exhausting for most people.

In among the need for leaders and ministers to be real, is a need to be able to utter three little words “I am sorry”.  I am convinced that I have to be able to say I am sorry when I mess up , when I make a mistake or when I was wrong. I have to be able to say it to people in all areas of my life.

Here are some thoughts on why sorry is so key in church life

  • When I say sorry I am admitting fault and admitting I am not perfect – which is  liberating. If I can say sorry I don’t have to be perfect. What a relief. There was only ever one perfect man and his name was Jesus, the rest of us mere mortals fall short of perfection regularly.
  • People around me normally know I made a mistake, hiding it or ignoring it actually causes people to lose respect not gain it.
  • Saying sorry allows people the opportunity to forgive me  and move on. Not addressing the issue causes resentment and anger towards me, understandably.
  • I need to humble myself to say sorry, to kill my pride and take responsibility for my actions, and this can only be good for my soul. It allows God’s grace to flow towards me because we know that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Saying sorry should never become a technique we use to win people over but rather a heart-felt admission of wrong, coupled with a request for forgiveness. Why? Because before we are leaders, ministers,managers or any other roles- we are Christians and thats what Jesus followers do. We repent of our sin before God and apologise to the people we hurt. Jesus tells us clearly to forgive one another- lets ask for and receive forgiveness as a way of life.

Got any thoughts on apologising ? Love you to comment.

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4 thoughts on “Say Sorry- it will set you free !

  1. Nate says:

    We should be modelling what we wants to do.
    If those under us don’t see us apologize when we mess up – why would they do it?

  2. Rajana says:

    Saying sorry is a great way to show humility. But I find I need to draw the line between being insecured and humble. Otherwise, I’d apologise for every I do.

    Thanks for your words, Pam. ♡

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