I’m Starting a Blog!

After much deliberation I am starting a blog. It is aimed primarily at girls who are in ministry or leadership or some sort.

It comes out of my desire to help young women avoid some of the rookie mistakes I made .

I know I don’t have all the answers so my hope is that it will become a discussion where we share wisdom gained.

I hope to post every week- but we will see how it goes- I will also get friends from all over the world to write in areas that I know I have no clue in.

The first few blogs are not about the most flashy area- but they are foundational to everything else – so I am putting them up front.

Here’s my first blog

It’s About Serving Jesus –Not a Man or a Church. Part 1

In church life we hear so much about serving; and well we should. The heart of the ministry of Jesus was to serve- “the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve”.  We frequently hear about it as serving our local church or serving leadership. Understanding that the church is the body of Christ on the earth and the Apostles, Pastors, Teachers, Prophets and Evangelists are His gifts to the earth serving them is obviously an extension then of serving Jesus. Or is it ?

We have to have it clearly delineated in our hearts that we are serving Jesus first and through our service to Jesus we are serving the leadership he places above us. It may appear like semantics and hair splitting to make a distinction but I believe it is the way for health and longevity in ministry.

The way to best explain the importance of this concept is to show what happens when this is not in place in our hearts.

When we loose sight of serving Jesus and focus on our current role or place there is a tendency within all people and particularly women to hold onto it very tight. We have to maintain our position to maintain our area of service. When we are serving Jesus, where we are and what we are doing matter less.

This was aptly described to me in a recent conversation with a long term worship leader who has been the main singer on numerous C3 worship albums, been front and center of worship teams at large international conferences, toured with the C3 band and is currently singing BVs way out to the side of her church stage. On commenting on her incredible dedication and passion on the side of the stage she said to me “I am worshipping Jesus and it doesn’t matter where they put me (or don’t put me) on stage I will worship him with all I have”. What a woman!

It takes maturity and a clear understanding that we are serving Jesus to live this, my guess is that is has also taken tears and soul searching to get there.

Parts 2 to follow next week- but in the mean time – How do you keep Jesus central ?

44 thoughts on “I’m Starting a Blog!

  1. Kim zano says:

    Seems that serving jesus is wherever your having a ” living out the cross ” experience. which can be most all the (time If your willing.) I think if we were willing every moment , we would short circuit , I would ….. Or do find myself needing time being idle , and just “being” , otherwise I start being too much ” in control” and then I’m not serving anyone but myself. Tricky.

    • pam.borrow@myc3church.net says:

      Good point Kim – think that is not so much about your doing but about your motivation. Good heavens we all need time to be still, to rest, to have fun – especially you with a big life. It’s about your heart I think . Thoughts anyone ??

  2. Colleen Legg says:

    This is an answered prayer! I have been struggling as a woman in leadership for a while and I’m in need of this encouragement and wisdom. I am on a church staff along with 4 men and oversee the worship and production which consists of mostly men who are mostly older than me. Over the past year, our church has grown significantly and our team has tripled. It’s a great thing but it has also introduced egos, tantrums, and disloyalty. It has been very hard to manage at times. Fortunately, our staff and lead pastor are extremely helpful and supportive, which has given me confidence to persevere. Our team has the potential to be unified and amazing and I’ve seen so much evidence of that too. It all comes down to Satan throwing his own little tantrum about how many lives are being changed at our church and he’s pulling out all the stops to try and distract us from our vision. I try to always put Jesus first in my own life and in my ministry and hope that that is an example to the team. I have a lot of growing to do as a leader and I think this blog is going to help me! Thank you, Pam!!!

    • pam.borrow@myc3church.net says:

      Colleen- so excited that the gorgeous 18 year old singer I knew has grown up and become a Worship Pastor ! Love seeing you and your little girl on FaceBook.
      Be easy on yourself – we all have lots to learn. Hopefully you will avoid some of my mistakes- and learn from some of my friends I get on here too.
      Everyone wants growth – but it does cause growing pains. If you have a supportive Lead Pastor and Staff that is most of the battle.
      I am sure you are doing a brilliant job- but I am excited to be able to be on the journey a little with you from across the Ocean

  3. Judith Vaughan Johnson says:

    Love your blog and the provocative thoughts. Will look forward to reading your other thoughts and the comments of others. Thanks Pam

  4. Leslie Afflack says:

    Great word Pam!!!

    Invaluable. Challenging for some, as it was for me at one point. But, also liberating, and securing knowing that we can trust and rest in Jesus always. Thanks for sharing. Absolutely love it!!!

  5. Amy Burkholder says:

    This just made my day! I’ve always been a big Pam Burrow fan but this just proves why. I loved this and can’t wait for me! Brilliant!

  6. Bek Tanner says:

    This is the best! I love your thoughts!

    How do I keep Jesus central?

    For me personally, it comes down to remembering!
    A very wise woman once said this to me “Bek, remember what you heard when you were in the light.” – Pam Borrow
    (I’m sure we can all understand the meaning of this statement, however it changed my life – in allowing me to not have to let my current circumstance cloud my view of who Jesus is and His place in my life)
    It’s in the remembering. Remembering who Jesus is, what He has done for me in the past, the revelations He’s given me about Himself and what He has spoken to me.

    This very wise woman has also said to me… “Bek, How big is Your God?” – Pam Borrow (again, power of rememberence)

    I wouldn’t have been able to pin point this before your blog (so thank you), but Jesus is always central for me when I decide to remember Him.
    He’s never let me down before, so He won’t start now!!
    Thanks for writing! Can’t wait to read more!

  7. Christine says:

    Pam! So excited for this and for your unique point of view and wisdom you have to share. Looking forward to reading many more!!

  8. Mathan Allington says:

    Hey Pam, nice start to blogging!
    I’m not a girl, but I love what you have to say and have taught me, so I’ll be stopping by too. I may even share with some rebellious males too 😉

  9. Lauren Hughes says:

    You’re just amazing Pam. Input that I really welcome in my life as a newbie at leading. Can’t wait for the next one!! Xx

  10. Katharine Harris says:

    Congrats Pam! Love this!!! I too have been deliberating over starting a blog – have a number of different topics that somehow aren’t fitting together – yet 🙂

    • pam.borrow@myc3church.net says:

      Wow so cool Lizby – glad to know I am not too far off base – if you are saying it I must be on track. #definitelysoulsisters

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