Following is a Trust Issue

Last year I learnt some key  things about being a mentor from my Masters Supervisor ( See here  for that lesson) but I also learnt a whole lot about following.

Just so you understand for most of last year I was pretty convinced that at any moment they were going to find out how much I did not know and how much I am not an academic and throw me out of the Masters of Theology program. I did it simply because I knew it was outside of my comfort zone and so I should challenge myself. I also wanted to keep learning and growing.

So after getting a supervisor I really wanted and respected here is what I did. I did exactly what he told me to do!

I have to tell you there were times when the only reason I did what he told me was because I trusted him. I knew academically he was, and is, streets ahead of me.

One of the first things he told me to do was to read a 750 page book on the philosophy of hermeneutics. I have to tell you I could not see the connection between this work and my thesis which centred around Discipleship and Abundant Life. However I ploughed through that book with Google Dictionary as my guide because I trusted Dave.

He then had me read another 300 page book on pentecostal philosophy and around 200 pages on the New Perspective on first century Jews.

I thought I was going to be reading dense difficult books forever!

Then I started work on what was my topic and I have to tell you I still didn’t get the connection.

Seven months later I was doing my analysis and conclusions and suddenly it all clicked into place – the keys to everything I was doing was in those works. (Another bonus these books are no longer difficult and dense to me, but a joy !)

I followed because I trusted and it all came together and made sense in the end.

However academically I know I need help – often I don’t get how much I need help and I don’t always trust the leadership above me as I should.

I was so challenged to trust in a new way, to trust when I don’t understand, to trust when I can’t see where I was going, to trust when I am being asked to do something difficult and challenging.

I learnt an old lesson again, I rarely see the whole picture and I need people ahead of me and I need to trust them. As we get older it is so easy to lose the humility of trust. I certainly needed to be reminded of it again.

How do you fond trusting people God has placed in your life to lead you ? What has affected that trust?

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2014’s Big Lesson



Well as you may have noticed of late my blogging has been few and far between ! This is because I needed to learn a lesson again that I know – and I tell all my students and people I pastor. I just didn’t apply it to my life so well.

Here is the lesson – you can’t just keep adding !

So here is what I did – I added in a Master Thesis this year. I figured out how I would do it time wise and it seemed it would work – I just didn’t factor in the mental energy it would take (read – I was very rusty academically and needed to spend serious time to get my brain to go there again – thank goodness for a gracious and patient supervisor – and extra patience from the people I live and work with) .

I also added in a little extra preaching, a few extra people to pastor and picked up a few little bits and pieces for an under the weather colleague . I just kept adding and most of it except for the thesis was pretty inconsequential time wise.

They were all important and good things – I just forgot to take something out to make room for the things I kept adding. So then something took itself out- or it didn’t scream loud enough and so my over cooked brain took it out. Sadly it was something I really enjoy – my blog- and the interaction with you- the  people who take the time to read my blog. What a goose I am.

So once the thesis is finished – by Feb 1st with lots of hours and words written in January – I will be back blogging more regularly – as long as I don’t fry my poor brain totally and run out of things to say!

In the mean time- as you ponder 2015 – don’t make my mistake – if you have a full life- don’t keep adding. If you need to add in something- make sure you create space for it by taking something out. In that process you will count the cost and decide whether or not what you are adding is worth the sacrifice.

By the grace of God and the incredible  generosity of my Mum – not content to have a warm Sydney Christmas – by the time you read this I will be on a plane to spend Christmas with most of my family in tropical Fiji.  Such unbelievably good timing – I am not taking any work or study – I am going to sit on a beach with people I love – especially in light of the sad events in Sydney last week –  I am going to treasure them a little more.  I am going to restore my soul and my tired brain.

Hope you and your family have a happy and holy Christmas – and remember when you are planning 2015- don’t just keep adding stuff into your schedule . Take something out – create room .

(Enjoy the FIji photos – hopefully I will get some shots this good)



Its Getting Crazy, Gotta Stay Sane


At C3 College we have entered into our crazy season. Term 4 is nuts. We put on a Christmas Production, finish a term and 8 days later after a marking marathon we graduate all our students.

On top of that my Master thesis is requiring serious attention and it is Borrow Birthday season – we have 5 birthdays in about 6 weeks ! You know these seasons- we all have them.

Until a few years ago here is how I would have navigated this

Work lots of long hours

Come home exhausted every day and flop on the couch

Keep doing work emails on my phone all night

Eat toast for dinner too many nights

Go to bed late and too often sleeping through my prayer time.

Abandon any exercise because I had too much to do

Show up at family birthdays in body only

Study on Saturdays and Sundays

Have migraines

Make everyone happy by getting a mountain of work done but end up sick and worn out.

I know – all bad – but maybe some of you can relate ? Anyone else just go into lock down in a busy work season and just work crazy hard to the detriment of all else ?

So now this is how I am approaching the busy seasons these days

Walk the dog twice a day instead of once (Molly is slightly confused but happy)

Pray more (related to the walking – I walk and pray)

Go to bed on time

Making sure I eat all the veggies in my veggie box

Leave work at a reasonable hour – except for one night a week where I allow a work late night !

Turn off my emails on my phone when I leave work.

Keep my Sabbath in place.


Strangely enough I still get all the work done- or find smarter ways to do it- or people to help. I will be tired and needing a holiday at the end of the silly season but I will be sane and not have put on 5 kilos (12 pounds !)

Often we can’t control our workloads or our crazy seasons but we can control how we walk them out. I find the more I can keep normality in place the better I will navigate silly seasons.

I also have to ask myself- who am I pleasing if I work crazy hours?

OK -shutting down my computer and going to sit around a fire, eat great food and have a glass of wine with some of my favourite people. Too busy not to !

Thoughts, comments, agree, disagree – love to hear from you.









Taking Risks- Guest Blog from my friend Kelly Taylor in the UK



I have asked my friend Kelly Taylor to write a Guest Blog- Kelly and her husband Mike did three years at C3 College and then went to the UK to help out with music at C3 London. They are now the ordained Worship Pastors, they now have one daughter ,the gorgeous Pae and they travel in Europe training worship teams. They are also the real deal – great people, who love God with their whole hearts, love people well -and are totally down to earth and lots of fun. To hear Kelly sing is a treat, to laugh with her is joy , to hear her wisdom on life is wonderful and I still miss her excellent hair cuts – hope you enjoy hearing from Kelly ……

So Pam has asked to write a blog, on one key to life in Ministry

Well there are many things that I could write about, but I think that one massive key has been to take risks

Sometimes the more we know about something, the harder it can be to take a risk, and for me I think that had I of known what was in store, I probably would have only looked at the cons and not what the pro’s were, making a decision based on a emotion and possible negatives, rather than on risk, experience, challenge and excitement.

So Risk, would be one of the things I would say has been a massive key in our ministry and still is. I’m so glad that Mike and I took the risk to move to another country where we only knew a handful of people, where we would be living on the opposite side of the world to friends and family, The risk that what if this didn’t work, the risk of unknown finances, I’m not trying to frighten anyone off, but going into ministry is loaded with massive risk’s and personal sacrifice, but what I would say, is that had we of not taken up the challenge, I would not be the person I am today.

You see what risk does is it forces us to challenge things about ourselves in an environment that is unfamiliar, I had to figure out who I am all over again on God, what makes me tick, what makes me happy and what makes me sad. Some may say well that’s just because your getting older hahah well maybe, but I don’t believe so for me, making the decision to step out has pushed me into areas I always thought I could never cope in, realizing with God on my side and me out of the way I can do so much more than what “I” had seen for my life.

So the key is….. Risk is good, so don’t be afraid of it. We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to his purpose. God has never left my side (our sides) and though everything he has repeatedly shown his love and blessings over and over again our lives and ministry


Pray Until



Yesterday morning I woke up in a funk. There are probably a myriad of reasons why. So I slept in a little and then did my usual thing, I took the puppy and went for a walk in a little bush reserve near my house. I walk around a loop – normally I do about three laps and pray, and the dog chases rabbits. It works for both of us!

Today I just kept doing another lap – I had to keep going because I needed to keep praying

I had to pray until …

I stopped complaining

I got my eyes off myself

I realised I was being an idiot

I remembered how big God is

I started to be grateful for all I have

I wish I could tell you that then I interceded for the nations and went through my whole prayer list. I didn’t –  I just needed to get with God to allow him to shift my attitude. I know we need to pray and intercede but some times we just need to be real with God about where we are.

Some days are just like that- and as a person with responsibility for others I have to be able  to pray until. I don’t have the luxury of taking my funk into College. For those of us in any type of leadership this is leadership 101- don’t dump your stress/ concerns/funk on the team.

As I walked the Holy Spirit came along side and gently reminded me of who God is and therefore who I am.

Most days are not like that, I am naturally pretty buoyant – but yesterday was like that – and I am so glad I have been taught to pray until ….



7 Tips to Coping with Peak Seasons


Peak seasons – we all have them – times when we are unusually busy. For me there are three times in the year that are the main peaks; the lead up to College starting, the end of College and Presence Conference. For me they are wonderful as we welcome new students, celebrate and graduate or attend an incredible conference. They are also stressful and tiring.

In the past I have been great at achieving much in these seasons, narrowing my focus to the tasks at hand and ignoring everything else. Which sounds brilliant and probably was good for KPIs but was actually pretty unhealthy for me. I would wind up exhausted, able to schedule a migraine and with a house that was a disaster. (Any previous flat mates or roommates will tell you it is true !)

So I have learnt in recent years a better way – and most of you probably knew this intuitively – but maybe some of you are like I was.

Seven tips for coping with the Busy Season


Keep praying – long hours are exhausting,and God understands the season, but spiritual disconnection is not the answer. Apart from anything else you need His strength and wisdom.

2. Exercise
Keep exercising – we all feel like we don’t have time when we are busy but the stress relief from my morning walk with an excited puppy is priceless

 3. Eat well 

If  you are a stress eater like me you will reach for the chocolate – and in moderation it is wonderful – but believe me too much of a good thing will mess with you. I now have a fruit and veggie box delivered which helps so much – there is always healthy food in my fridge . Plan ahead for busy times and shop. Otherwise you will eat fast food and feel awful. Your body needs to be working well at these times.
4. Sleep

Sleep as normally as you can. Try not to stay up late watching Suits- oh wait that is just me !
5. Have fun

Last night I got home after two huge days and the temptation was to hibernate in front of the TV. However my brother invited me to play a board game with the family and a friend. Did I feel like learning a new game? Not at all? Do I know my extrovert self would be better for some fun with people – yes. (See my previous post on Knowing Yourself ) So I got into it and for two fun hours could only focus on getting my men up a board game mountain alive and beating everyone else. It was so much better stress relief than allowing my life to narrow down to work and sleep.

6. Clean your House /Bed room 
Keep your house in vaguely good shape – and make sure the washing is done. I am convinced one of the keys to life is a stack of clean underwear and clean sheets – somehow if I have both of those all is well with the world.

Keep laughing – don’t take it all too seriously – this season will pass and the next one is coming. Even in the midst of very tough times there are things to laugh about which will “do you good like medicine” . (This is from a girl prone to getting way too intense – it doesn’t really help anyone )

I know it is all very basic – however it took me a while to learn.
What do you do in peak times?

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