Change is a Challenge

So I am a decent way through a very challenging but exciting transition so I decided it was time to get back to blogging.

On October 1st 2017 I became the Principal of C3 College which is such an honour, so exciting and so terrifying.

I also have a lot of friends going through various transitions- some wonderful, some challenging, some just really awful.

I have written about transitions before here  Transitions– but here are some new thoughts

  1. The thing that has to change most in a transition is your thinking – I have had to change how I think about myself, our  team, my place. even my life style. It’s very challenging. I have been seeing myself one way for almost 14 years in this organisation and now I need to change this. Believe me , my thinking patterns were not just set in stone on this- the stones were cemented in.
  2. I have to let go of much I like to embrace the new – things I really enjoyed I no longer can do – not because I don’t want to but because now there is other things that need my time and attention.
  3. People deal with change so differently – I work with the best people you could find – but they have all processed the change none of us were expecting differently – and I have to let them. Some friends who are in very difficult change have coped very differently to what even they would  have expected. People need time and space to process change.
  4. Change is stressful –  even if it is good.
  5. You have to honour the past before you can embrace the future. I really don’t like language that says “well now things will happen” around here. We all build on the shoulders of the people who have gone before us. For change that involves loss we may need to mourn the life that was, before we can embrace the change.
  6. You have to have friends- a safe place where you can be yourself in the midst of change, especially friends who can laugh, cry and pray with you – they are priceless. I have a friend who did Change Management for a multi- national – friends like that who can help you are incredible (thanks Annie )

There is so much comfort in knowing that although change may be a surprise to us – it is never a surprise to God. If we look back there is often little signs that indicate the change was coming. God is with you in the craziest change – he was with the disciples in the storm – he is with you in whatever you are going through.

He doesn’t promise it will always be easy – but He does promise you won’t do it alone.

Change  isn’t easy but it can be navigated with the grace of God.

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19 thoughts on “Change is a Challenge

  1. Heather Hetzendorfer says:

    It’s so exciting and so cool to have worked with you before this change evolved and to now read about all the amaziness….Im your cheerleader!

  2. Amanda Antcliff says:

    Pam – wonderful words of wisdom. Thank you for honouring the past – you did that so beautifully for Pat and I. I salute you and cheer you on as you take hold of the role of Principal with grace, gusto and gumption. You are built for it! We to are in the throes of having to implement all you have written. Bless you.

  3. Sven says:

    Pam amazing insight and wise words – thank you so much for sharing!

    Point 1 – changing the way you think about yourself is amazing!!! that point has hit a home run lol. Do you have some practical examples of how to implement that point?

    Sending you and the whole college love and prayers!

    • says:

      Hi Sven- it is about the sound track that goes through your head. I had to shift from thinking – I was ask Pat about that – to I have the wisdom of God, I can make this decision. I have the courage and strength to do it. Does that help ?

  4. Emma Bedoukian says:

    Miss you Pam!! At least I can read your blogs to get some “Pam” in my world. Great blog – timely words 🙂 I can’t wait to see you rock in this new role which I am sure you are. Love you

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