I’m Doing Something I never Thought I would Do and I like it !

I am not only doing something I never thought I would do, but I am also doing something to be really honest I have  judged other people for doing !

I am doing something I thought was for people who are spiritual light weights – or people who have no freedom and flexibility.

OK so lets start at the beginning of this story!

About a month ago I was at the C3 Service Manly Connect Group I run at Frankie and Ben Dawes home. (They are incredible hosts, every time we meet and eat dinner the table looks like its set for Christmas.)

One week Ben Dawe wanted us to watch an interview between Bono and Eugene Peterson on the Psalms . I am a serious U2 fan who has seen them live in my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, our connection is deep. Also having been an early adopter of the Message for my personal reading – I knew this interview would be good – and it was.

Somehow in the midst of the interview I started to wonder if there was a Devotional by Eugene Peterson, and the thought was still there 2 weeks later. So I google searched it , then opened my Amazon account and with one click, it is on my various Apple devices.

I have become one of those Christians who reads a devotional as their regular Bible reading ! To be honest I am shocked.

I thought devotionals were for people who were not serious about studying the Bible. I thought they were for people who liked to be locked into a rigid schedule . I thought they were for people who didn’t want the Spirit to guide them and lead them.

Turns out I am incredibly wrong – and was very judgmental (again !)

This devotional is the perfect thing for me right now in my life. I am learning things from the Bible and pondering things I haven’t in a long time. It has also refreshed my connection with the Word of God – and totally separated my “work” class prep Bible reading from my personal reading. ( It might help that I don’t have to fill in a little booklet with lines- my scrappy left-handed handwriting never worked well with those. It also doesn’t have dates so if I miss a day, I don’t mess up the schedule and feel guilty.)

It is working for me. Devotionals may never work for you but trying something new frequently will.

We all need to stay open to new experiences in every area of our lives. This really is only a small one which only cost me $12 and one click. However if I had have stayed locked in my judgments I would have missed out on something pretty special.

I wonder how many other areas of our lives God is trying to lead us into new and wonderful places but we have decided for a multitude of reasons “I don’t do that!”

Now I am starting to get convicted about other things “I don’t do”  – so better sign off quickly !!

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6 thoughts on “I’m Doing Something I never Thought I would Do and I like it !

  1. Liz says:

    Wonderful! If I had done that I never would have meet Owen! So I think you are right 🙂 Maybe I might try a devotional 🙂 it has been a while! Thanks for sharing! Liz xx

  2. Terry Giles says:

    Excellent read Pam..Many years ago someone introduced to a Devotional By Oswald Chambers “My utmost for His Highest.” its a wonderful dose of encouragement for every day.

  3. Vicki says:

    Reading Eugene Peterson’s book on Revelation – Reversed Thunder. Going to check out the devotional. Thanks Pammy.

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