Leading yourself 4 – Fight to be in the Moment

In January I had a few days up the coast at a gorgeous place called Woolgoolga, with my friends Kerry and Marg – and some of Marg’s family. It was lovely.

At the time there were some pretty challenging things going on in my family which were causing me concern.

I also knew that I would be going back to a very busy time at work.

I felt these pressures trying to rob me of my usual holiday joy.

So I made a decision to fight to be in the moment. It didn’t mean I stopped caring about my family. It  did mean that I savoured the moments that would fill my soul and bring rest to my mind, so that I can keep on caring.

Leaders know how to fight to be in the moments of refreshing despite pressures, concerns and problems.

So I walked on the beach,swam in the ocean, played 500, drank champagne as the sun set, and relaxed.

One of my favourite moments was where I took the beach photo, and got the fresh revelation that turned into this post. There was an outdoor shower at the beach. After I had a surf I would stand under cool fresh water in a shower looking at the view. I loved those moments. I determined to not worry about anything but to just soak in the pure joy of cool water , warm sun and a stunning view. To take the moment to thank God for his stunning creation.  To just be right there in that moment taking it all in.

We have to be people who can take every thought captive, we can lead our own minds and hearts to peace and joy in the midst of big lives.

Even in the midst of challenges and heartache, that we can stop and enjoy a moment. We can allow our soul to be refreshed by these moments.

I am convinced that leading our souls in this way will cause us to be able to run the race set before us for the long haul.

Lets be people who can be in the moment – and lets let those moments colour our worlds.

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4 thoughts on “Leading yourself 4 – Fight to be in the Moment

  1. Avanua Kupu says:

    In the moment, so good Pam. I remember when I would struggle to enjoy certain times through life and would worry about future events, I would dread knowing I had to face it! Yes your comments remind me and also encourage what is important that we be thankful to God for what we have and where we are. Bless you!!

  2. Christine Vallee says:

    This is an incredible post Pam. So very important! It reminds me of a message I heard from Beth Moore once. She spoke about being on vacation and going from helping save a man from drowning to getting a beach massage with her husband. She really struggled with the juxtaposition of those two events, just an hour or so from each other. But then she heard God say to her, this is the life of a believer. We go from warfare to worship. And back again. That’s the life God has called us to. And like you say, wherever God has us in that moment, we need to be fully present. Full of wisdom, as always!

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