Learnt 4 Things from 1 Conversation with a Leader

Some leaders have the power to shock you . I had a leader shock me a few weeks ago and I keep thinking about it

A very Senior Leader in our church called me to tell me she wouldn’t be attending an event I had invited her to. She told me she had no excuse, she just wouldn’t be coming.

Here is why this shocked me

1. She called

She took time  to call and actually speak to me. She didn’t send a text, write an email or just ignore the invitation. She called – and in so doing she took a risk. She had to deal with my reaction to her call. We actually had to have a conversation about this.

2. She was honest and told me she had no excuse

She said normally she really liked the type of event I had invited her to but this night she just wanted to go home. She did not give me the whole” I am so busy and so important that I need a night off ” line . I happened to know she had  a big week but I brought that up she did not.  She just said I really don’t have any excuse I just want to go home. I love that !

3. She chose to build our relationship with transparency.

By being transparent she allowed me to see her for who she really is. She is a leader who values relationships and makes the call. She is a leader who is honest and real. She is a leader who can take care of herself in the middle of a big life.

4. She showed again how to lead without people pleasing.

She was confident in her decision, not afraid to tell me she was not coming. It was a real, clean conversation and there wasn’t any need for her to people please by coming up with any excuse or reasons.

We laughed, I thanked her. I already loved her leadership style – now I am even more of a fan. I bet she has no idea how much I learned that night.

I want to learn from every person in my world and I learnt something wonderful from that conversation. I learnt leadership that is real, honest and clean can be shocking and it is so wonderful.


(P.S Thanks to this of you who filled in the questionnaire asking you what you wanted to see in my blog. I am having a week off next week – and will be going through them all to find them and start answering your questions )

8 thoughts on “Learnt 4 Things from 1 Conversation with a Leader

  1. Jeanne Lynch says:

    Hey Pam. I love all your posts! I have heard you speak here in Atlanta, Ga as well as in the Long Island church, back in the day as they say. In fact, it was during one of your messages that the Lord broke shame off my life when you spoke about it and prayed over me. For that I am very thankful!

    I was wondering if I could have your permission to share your posts on my Facebook page. I have looked for a link to Facebook but don’t see one. I have so many friends who would probably love to follow you but don’t know you are out here on the internet. Sounds crazy, I know! But it’s true.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Jeanne Lynch

    • pam.borrow@myc3church.net says:

      Hi Jeanne – great to hear from you – so encouraging. Feel free to share my posts on your FaceBook if you think they will be helpful – to would be an honor !

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